MaNEP Winter School 2025

New Frontiers in Quantum Materials in Equilibrium and Beyond

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

January 12-17, 2025

The 2025 MaNEP Winter School combines introductory courses with more specialized lectures in the field of correlated quantum materials.

The school aims at a broad introduction to contemporary topics in condensed matter physics. This year's school will be dedicated to understanding and creating new quantum phases in strongly correlated materials in and out-of-equilibrium. In MaNEP's tradition, we anticipate a warm and interactive atmosphere between participants, lecturers and organizers.

The school targets an audience at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels. A background in general condensed matter physics should be sufficient. All lectures are given in English.


Basic courses

Exploring nonequilibrium quantum matter
Edoardo Baldini, University of Texas at Austin
Non-linear optical effects in superconductors
Lara Benfatto, Sapienza University of Rome
Design and synthesis of new materials
Tyrel McQueen, Johns Hopkins University
Van der Waals materials and fractional Chern insulators
Titus Neupert, University of Zürich

Specialized lectures

Ultrafast spectroscopy of strongly correlated materials
Denitsa Baykusheva, Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Neutron scattering methods at extreme conditions
Marc Janoschek, Paul Scherrer Institut
Light control of quantum materials
Dante Kennes, RWTH Aachen University
Probing van der Waals quantum materials at the atomic scale
Peter Liljeroth, Aalto University


The school takes place in Saas-Fee, a beautiful village located at 1800 meters in the Canton of Valais, and surrounded by a fantastic chain of mountains culminating above 4000 meters.

Vehicles are banned from the village. A large car park is available at the entrance of the village; however, the parking fee is high. We strongly recommend to use public transportation. The easiest way to reach Saas-Fee is by train to Visp or Brig and then by postal bus to Saas-Fee. For train and bus timetable, please see the SBB-CFF-FFS web site.


Participants will be accommodated in shared rooms in apartments close to the Hotel Allalin or in the hotel itself, depending on availability. Meals will be at the hotel and lectures will be given at the Conference Center Steinmatte.

Hotel Allalin
Lomattenstrasse 7
CH 3906, Saas-Fee
Phone: +41 27 958 1000

Outdoor activities

Two mornings (Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16) are reserved for ski or other outdoor activities. Please be aware that the ski domain reaches the altitude of 3500 meters and the temperature can be icy in January. Non-skiers will have the opportunity to take the Métro Alpin and have a break in the world's highest rotating restaurant. Many other activities are possible.

Program Committee

Claude Monney Chair
Elsa Abreu
Fabrizio Carbone
Mark Fischer
Luc Patthey
Louk Rademaker
Fabian von Rohr


Anna Tamai Chair
Pierre Bouillot
Gregory Manfrini
Dragana Pantelic
Jean-Claude Schnuriger
Natacha Triscone